How a professional website would boost your business


How a professional website would boost your business

The tendency to shop online has been on a growing wave since the first online stores came to the internet. Nowadays, 79% of people in the USA prefer to shop online. Similar stat is applicable for other well-developed countries all around the world. That's why, online presence is now crucial for businesses of any type these days. Even though almost all internet users are aware of the importance of online presence, the reasons behind the fact are pretty much unknown to most of the internet users. However, for entrepreneurs who are planning to enter into the online market, it is important to understand the reasons for how a professional web design has the capability of making their business grow and shine.

If you are owning an ecommerce or thinking of having one, this article is for you, though it would also be beneficial, if you own or planning to establish a business of any kind.

  • Better First Impression

Having a website that is professionally designed gives a good first impression to your visitors. Users are so sensitive about the first impression they feel when visiting a website. They would instantly leave the website, if they didn’t like it at first glance. If your website is outdated, you must expect your bounce rate to rise significantly. Besides, the trend in the online market changes quickly, so websites should be updated in terms of web design in a reasonable time frame in order to cope with the changes in user's taste.

  • SEO Enhancement

One of the most important elements that is carefully considered by professional web design companies when designing a website, is complying with SEO standards. SEO is the most important factor for your online business to grow and shine. For a deeper understanding, assume that you have opened a restaurant in the middle of nowhere! How can you expect to have people dining in your restaurant? That's exactly the same thing when your website is not optimized for SEO! In contrast, when you improve your website SEO , it is like opening the same restaurant in the middle of the busiest square in the town. As a conclusion, a professionally designed website can help your business to rank higher on search engines and grow significantly.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

A professional web designer pays high attention to the user interface of the website and user experience when visiting the website. These two factors which are called UI/UX are extremely effective on your business performance. A professional website with well-designed UI/UX is capable of converting visitors to loyal customers which leads to higher conversion rate and consequently more profit and growth for your business.

  • UX(User Experience) Improvement

An important element that is capable of boosting your website is UX design. Professional web designers pay most attention to UX, by assigning a UX designer in addition to their team of web designers for every project. The UX designer works closely with other team members to make sure that the feeling of visitors when navigating through the website is good enough to stay and explore the website. UX designer secures simplicity, understandability and functionality of the website. The UX design process focuses on how simple and easy a user can accomplish a task while navigation on the website. By working with professional web design companies who have delivered quality projects before, you can rest assured that your website will have a good UX which is an important factor for more traffic on your website.

  • Simple to add more functionality

As a business owner, when you start your website to promote your business, some features and facilities will be added into your website based on your first idea of doing business online. As your business moves forward and based on your customers' feedback, some more features will be needed to be added on to your website. In addition, as mentioned above, the design trend in the online market changes quickly as the internet users' taste changes, so your website design should be updated in order to not look outdated. Working with professional web design companies can make you assured that adding new features and updating your website design will be an easy and smooth task. You must be very careful when choosing the web design company to do your project, as the process of making changes will not be easy at all, if you work with amateur designers.

  • Makes your business credible

Having a website for your business of any type is a must these days. This is now an unchanged fact for all businesses around the world. However, the disadvantages of not having a website is most probably less than having a poorly designed website. User's interpretation when entering into a website that loads slowly with an ugly appearance and difficult to understand how to navigate through the website to get what they want, will not be good at all! Users will instantly generalize how they feel about the website appearance and functionality to the whole services that the website is providing. They will not trust the website and leave it instantly. On the contrary, users tend to trust the businesses which have good looking websites and are easy to understand and navigate. This will make your business more credible if combined with high quality service. Therefore, you must keep in mind that your website appearance and quality is the showcase of your business and people will trust your business more, if they find your website designed professionally.

There are many web design companies and ecommerce builders who provide a wide range of corporate web design, ecommerce web design and digital marketing services. The process of making the decision for you as an entrepreneur can be very challenging and time consuming. You should keep in mind to work with ecommerce builders and web designers who have a transparent history of delivered projects with measurable outcomes. Firstangle has a talented team of web designers as well as UX designers and developers who work closely with SEO professionals in order to deliver a quality website at the highest level of functionality possible.